Pretty girls are dying because of the coronavirus

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Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

Not literally, of course. But what is more anathema to a pretty woman than to have to cover her face. In Walgreens a couple of weeks ago, I saw a girl in a mask who had her eyes all done up and they were beautiful — her eyes. Mascara, eyeliner and her eye shadow were on-point. And it worked. You couldn’t help noticing her, even if only her eyes were visible. Because all her effort had worked; they were stunning.

In a world where beauty is so valued, beautiful women are put on a pedestal, moved to the front of the line, smiled at, drooled over and have friends in high places and everywhere else. They, in turn, often survive on the daily, multiple shots of dopamine they get from all that attention. It’s addictive and enslaving. As Chris Rock once said (via David Spade who first brought it to his attention), being a celebrity is no different than being a hot girl. It’s the same type of “hoopla” when they walk into a room. Wow. That’s pretty powerful.

So imagine the withdrawals “hot” girls are going through right now when masks are required in so many public places and spaces where they are used to the side eyes, open stares, dropped mouths and always “May I help you with something” from men — and some women — in supermarkets, hardware stores, Walgreens, Walmarts and Targets everywhere. This corornavirus is a bummer: it hides one of their biggest public-facing assets. And there is nothing they can do about it because masks are required in almost every inside communal space in most states.

So yes, pretty, hot women are suffering because of the dictates of coronavirus health guidelines but this may also be a good time they can think about developing talents, sharpening skills, learning something new or growing deeper relationships with the people in their lives. Not that many people aren’t doing this already but, just saying. And don’t forget, this too shall pass.

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